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As an enterprise software development company, we strive to Win the Change that accelerates opportunities for our customers and makes them future ready.
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About Atulsia Technologies

We are an enterprise software development company specializing in creating high-quality products that help our customers achieve their goals effectively. We have an extensive experience in developing multi-tier web and mobile applications, virtualization & cloud computing.
  • 15+ years of experience in software development
  • 15+ unique & open source products built
  • 20+ different industries & domain expertise
  • Flexible working with Startups, Brands & Enterprises
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Our Ventures

Atulsia is transforming business through various technology services
and ventures that focus on rapid experimentation and research in many areas.

Our Services

With varied industry experience & technological expertise,
we have established ourselves as an optimum IT Services company.

Industries we have worked with

We have domain expertise in different industries which ensures the services are delivered in a customer-focused,
quality-driven and economical way.


Using technology, transform education around the world

Audio Visual

Tech in AV makes customers increase interactivity


Innovative Ways to seize strategic opportunities in retail


Software to power your logistics & distribution capabilities


Contributing to a changing landscape within the industry


Automation of Processes accelerates industry timelines


FinTech is not only an enabler but the driving engine


Streamline administrative tasks while cutting costs

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Our work experience spans from small & mid-sized companies to big corporates.
AthleteFoundry Success

Athlete Foundry

An online platform that paves the way for student athletes to achieve their dream.

Atlantis Partners

Atlantis Partners

Scalable ERP system with HRMS & CRM Features for an Audio Visual Company

FriendLine copy

FriendLine LLC

FriendLine finds the most convenient places to meet for friends with best recommendations.

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How to enable Mysql 8 Support on Drupal 7

For some of your legacy applications in enterprise, you have to support old Drupal 7 web apps. With changing technologies […]

Upgrade AWS EC2 instance to T3, A1, C5, etc. for guest OS Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

So you decide to upgrade your AWS instance from say t2.medium(4gb ram) to t2.large (8gb ram) but your network admin […]

“š‚š«šššŸš­ is not just a product” – a small story of craft.

Premium technologies whereas interdependent quality vectors. Rapaciously utilize enterprise experiences via 24/7 markets. Uniquely matrix economically sound value through cooperative technology. Competently parallel task fully researched.

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