Kailash Tulsi Gajra

Learn about his education in India and abroad,
work experience, his businesses, public speaking work and community work.
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Kailash Tulsi Gajara

Founder & CEO

Founder & MD of Atulsia Technologies & Megastores.com

About Kailash

Kailash Tulsi Gajara is an entrepreneur with 12+ years of work experience & a record of verifiable success in software technology, business startup, business strategy, team leadership, new business development, sales, and marketing & with proven ability to effectively build and manage multiple businesses like Atulsia Technologies & Megastores.com.

He is a future-focused professional with strong leadership and communication skills, who enjoys working collaboratively He is recipient of Best Entrepreneur Award at India Leadership Awards & the big idea summit. He has earned an MS in Computer Science from USC, Los Angeles. He is also a recipient of Leadership Award at USC & he has served as President of AIS at USC. He is community focused and have held several roles in the community.

Learn about his education in India and abroad, work experience, his businesses, public speaking work and community work.

Kailash's comprehensive profile

Computer Science - Bachelors (Mumbai) & Masters (USA)

Kailash is a Gold medalist from Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, Mumbai University, where he has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

He has earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from USC, Los Angeles where he had also held the position as President of the Association of Indian Students (AIS) and had hosted various events including Lead India 2020 with India’s past president, late. Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He is also a recipient of the Leadership Award at USC.

Work experience in Silicon Valley USA

Prior to returning to India and starting multiple businesses, Kailash has worked with LA Metro, Rock Software (Shots Studios), VMware Inc (Palo Alto) & AutoOpt Networks where he gained knowledge of developing software for enterprises.

Founder of Atulsia Technologies - an enterprise software development company

As the Founder & Managing Director of Atulsia Technologies (2014), he brings 12+ years of extensive experience in the realm of design, development, and deployment of multi-tier enterprise software. He has expertise in B2B applications, E-commerce, Enterprise application development, Large Data Processing & Virtual Reality. He is a VMware Certified Professional and has extensive knowledge in virtualization & cloud computing.

Under his leadership, Atulsia Technologies has developed software for more than 100+ enterprise customers including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Carlsberg, Red-Thread, Atlantis Partners, Athlete Foundry, Aarti Industries, Smyline, Mars Hospitality Group and many more.

He is a strong believer in knowledge sharing and constant learning and thus he launched Atulsia MasterClass, a knowledge-sharing platform where experts & industry leaders from diverse backgrounds share their expertise.

Atulsia VR is a division focused on VR & AR projects including Unity & Unreal based games.

Atulsia Labs is the R&D division of the company where more than 15+ products are developed including Rockada.com, Helpies.in, Sia - A virtual assistant for the blind, Blutton – BLE-based tracking solution & Informed – Platform for enterprises to conduct Market Research Studies.

Founder of Megastores.com - an online marketplace for artisans

In 2019, Kailash started a new venture - Megastores.com. Megastores is an online social & video commerce based marketplace for artisans and brands so that they can sell their authentic handmade products to customers worldwide under their own brandname.

Megastores started its operations from Kutch, Gujarat (India) and as of 2022, the company has 450+ registered sellers on the platform with reach to 5000+ artisans indirectly. There are more than 7000+ products listed on the platform from 50+ different crafts from 15 different states in India. The company's goal is to cover A to Z of handcrafted products from each and every part of India. Thus becoming the largest portal to get anything and everything of handmade.

Kailash, as the CEO of Megastores.com, focuses on product development, technology, business development, collaborations, and growth.

For more information, visit https://www.megastores.com.

Public Speaker, Business Coach & Trainer

Throughout his journey from Mumbai to USA and back and during education, job and business, he has always loved sharing his knowledge with others. He loves speaking and guiding people.

Subjects Kailash likes to speak about

Entrepreneurship & Business

  • Idea, people, team
  • Finance, cashflow
  • Marketing, Sales, management

Technology / Software

  • SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, Cloud
  • Mobile, Design, Product
  • AI, Machine learning, database

Education & Career Guidance

  • How to decide on career?
  • Goal setting
  • In-house extensive training

Handicrafts & E-Commerce

  • Why handmade? Artisans, Crafts
  • Online selling, supply chain
  • Product & business innovation

Study & Work Abroad

  • Education in USA, Abroad
  • Colleges, fees, scholarships
  • Jobs, Networking, Extra-curricular

Positive mindset & Motivation

  • Think big, dreams, action
  • Habits, goals, ideas
  • Mindset, worries, health, money

Organizations worked with for public speaking


  • Facebook / Meta
  • Josh Talks


  • Govt. of Uttarakhand
  • Govt. of UT Ladakh
  • Govt. of Maharashtra

Incubators & Startups

  • CIIE Ahmedabad
  • Startup Oasis
  • Catalyst AIC
  • Atal Incubation Center

Educational Institutes

  • IIT Kanpur
  • University of Mumbai
  • MSU Baroda
  • Manipal University Jaipur
  • Shah & Anchor Engineering college

International Organizations

  • USC, Los Angeles
  • Association of Indian Students

Non-profit Organizations

  • Sewa International
  • KVO Samaj Mumbai
  • Bhanushali Samaj
  • NABS

Social Work in India & Abroad

Kailash is a community-focused leader and has held several roles in the community development sectors. He has worked with Sewa International USA, Swadhyay Parivar, HSS USA, Bhanushali Samaj, Keshav Srushti Gram Vikas Yojana, North America Bhanushali Samaj and many other community projects.
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