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Blutton: Track, Secure, and Never Misplace Your Valuables!

The Blutton app offers a Bluetooth-based tracking solution for personal belongings. If you're the sort of person who's always losing their keys, wallet, or bag, Blutton may be the solution for you. Blutton is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE-based tracking device that can be controlled with a mobile device.

We can track any object to which Blutton is attached within a range of 100 feet. With features like notifications about location on mobile, geo-fencing, and alarms, you are not going to lose anything now.

  • BLE 4.0
  • MQTT
  • Arduino
  • Beacon
  • Android
  • MySQL
  • Laravel PHP

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Key Features

Object Tracking

Attach Blutton to your belongings and track their real-time location using the app within a 100-meter range.

Alert with Object Alarms

The Blutton app includes an alarm feature that can be triggered through the mobile device.

Security of Belongings

Blutton provides an anti-loss solution, helping users avoid misplacing or losing their valuable items.

Safe Zone Shield

Blutton supports geo-fencing, allowing users to set up virtual boundaries or safe zones for their objects.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Blutton is a low-energy-based tracking device that can be attached to objects such as keys, wallets, or bags.

Easy Integration

Blutton is very easy to integrate with any platform and is easily upgradeable.


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