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EMA CRM: Take Control of Data with EMA CRM!

This platform serves as a database for managing records of chemicals imported into India, including information about the country of origin, the specific Indian port of entry, and the corresponding date of import. Users have the ability to retrieve records using various filters such as product name, unit quantity code (UQC), Indian port, country of origin, date, and year.

The data is stored by uploading CSV files, which aids in maintaining an organized and accessible record system.

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery

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Key Features

Simplified Data Management

Uploading CSV files simplifies adding data to the CRM system and ensures accurate and consistent record management.

Collaboration & Sharing

Supports collaboration features, allowing users to share specific records or reports with stakeholders.

Record Management

Structured system to organize and track information related the data being added & other relevant details.

Reminders and Notifications

Set reminders for leads. Follow up and get custom alerts hourly, daily, or monthly for updates in CRM.

Advanced Search

Advanced search functionality allows users to search for records using keywords or specific criteria.

Scalability & Performance

Scalable to accommodate growing data requirements while maintaining fast and efficient data retrieval and processing.


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