Industrial Training

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Industrial Training
Project Description
Industrial Training: Experience Industrial training in VR!

The Atulsia team created a training module for Reliance Hazira Manufacturing Division in Surat. This VR module helps new workers with industrial training that includes how to handle machinery.

Virtual Reality
  • Unity 3d
  • .Net
  • C#
  • SVG
  • Oculus VR SDK
  • CAD Tools
  • 3DS Max & Maya

Checkout Industrial training in VR

Industrial Training in VR
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Oculus VR App (Internal Demo)

Key Features

Training Module for Machinery Handling

Provides step-by-step instructions, an interactive demo, and realistic simulations to teach proper techniques.

Progress Tracking and Assessment

The app incorporates progress tracking and assessment features to monitor trainees' performance.

Realistic Industrial Environment

Enables trainees to familiarize themselves with the actual work setting, including machinery, equipment, and surroundings.

Safety Training and Protocols

Safety training components emphasize proper safety protocols and procedures while handling machinery.

Interactive Demonstrations

Trainees can perform tasks, manipulate controls, and observe the outcomes in a risk-free and controlled virtual environment.


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