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Live Chat Support
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Live Chat Support - Instant Support Anytime!

Atulsia Live Chat Support is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to add Chat support in your website very easily. It is a custom built support application that allows support admin to chat directly with end users.

Live chat support simplifies the process of adding chat support functionality to your website. With its user-friendly interface, real-time chat capabilities, and robust features, it enables efficient communication between support admins and website visitors or customers, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved support experiences.

Support Chat
  • Laravel PHP
  • Javascript
  • MySQL

Live Chat Support
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Website (Internal Demo)

Key Features

Easy Integration

Seamlessly add chat support to your website without technical knowledge or complicated setup.

Reporting and Analytics

Analytics help support teams evaluate their efficiency and make data-driven improvements.

Admin Interface

Admin interface for support admins to manage and respond to incoming chat requests.

Notification Alerts

Can be configured to send notification alerts to support admins whenever a new chat request is received.


Designed to be user-friendly, allowing website visitors or customers to initiate chats easily.

Multiple Chat Sessions

This feature enables efficient multitasking and ensures prompt responses to user inquiries.


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