Shopping in VR

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Shopping in VR
Project Description
Shopping in VR: Elevate Your Shopping Experience with 3D Commerce in VR!

It's a supermarket where you can do shopping in a virtual environment. The companies can perform market research studies on their retail businesses. Brand performance, planogram, heat map, eye tracking, analytics, and many more

Users can immerse themselves in a virtual environment that replicates a physical supermarket, allowing them to browse and shop for products using virtual reality technology.

Visual representations of how products are arranged on shelves. This feature enables companies to assess the effectiveness of their product placement and make adjustments to optimize customer visibility and engagement.

Market Research
  • Unity 3d
  • .Net
  • C#
  • SVG
  • Oculus VR SDK
  • CAD Tools
  • 3DS Max & Maya

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Shopping in VR
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VR App (Internal Demo)

Key Features

Virtual Supermarket

Virtual environment that replicates a physical supermarket, allowing you to shop for products using VR technology.

Eye Tracking

Using VR technology, the platform can generate heat maps and track users' eye movements within the virtual supermarket.

Unique Shopping Experience

This feature provides a unique and engaging shopping experience that can be accessed remotely.

Analytics and Reporting

Generate comprehensive analytics and reports based on user interactions, purchasing behavior, and market trends.

Visualization Arrangements

Assess the effectiveness of product placement and adjust to optimize customer visibility and engagement.


The app can be customized for different environments, sizes, and objectives as per customer requirements.


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