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Introducing Sia, your virtual assistant!

Sia is a virtual assistant for blind people. Sia currently supports WhatsApp, Gmail, and phone calls. Just by giving the voice command 'Hi Sia', Sia will work to read WhatsApp messages, read your emails, or even make phone calls. Its purpose is to enhance accessibility and facilitate independent communication for visually impaired users.

Try ``Sia`` today. Download from the Play Store. Check the link in the resources area.

AI Bot
  • Android
  • SQLite
  • Java

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Key Features

Voice-Activated Assistant

The Sia app responds to the voice command ``Hi Sia`` and uses all its functionalities.

Phone Call Assistant

Sia makes phone calls with voice commands to communicate with contacts.

Hands-Free WhatsApp Messaging

Sia reads WhatsApp messages aloud to the user, so users don't have to rely on visual cues.

Accessibility Enhancement

Enables users to interact with their phone and its functionalities effectively through voice commands.

Gmail Narrator

Sia reads out loud your Gmail emails, enabling you to stay up-to-date with them.

Voice commands

The entire app can be used with just voice commands, which is very handy.


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