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SportzApp: Uniting Sports Enthusiasts Everywhere!

SportzApp aims to make it easier for sports enthusiasts to find like-minded individuals, organize sports events, and participate in their favorite sports. By leveraging location-based features, event creation capabilities, and participant management tools. It is a comprehensive sports event management app designed to bring sports enthusiasts together. With SportzApp, users can easily create and discover sports activities happening in their vicinity.

  • Laravel PHP
  • Javascript
  • Android
  • MySQL
  • Firebase

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Key Features

Location-Based Search

Based on their entered location or current location, users can discover events taking place nearby and join in.

Event Management

Create sports events by specifying the location, date, time, and type of sport and tailoring the details as per their preferences.

Variety of Events

Browse events and learn about the event's format, skill level, and any specific requirements.

Player Recruitment

Do you require more participants to form a team? Search for and invite additional players to make the event happen!

Social Connectivity

Connect with other sports enthusiasts and build a network within the app. Users can follow and connect.

Communication & Notifications

Users can exchange messages, discuss event details, and stay updated on any updates through notifications.


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