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Atulsia's different VR services includes

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VR App Development

We specialize in developing custom VR apps that cater to specific business needs. From gaming to simulation & training, our VR app development services cover it all.

VR Game Development

We develop games that are not just entertaining but also educational, training users on specific skills and scenarios. We specialize in Unity 3D.

VR Simulation Development

Our VR simulation development services provide realistic training environments that help users gain practical experience before dealing with real-life situations.

VR Design Services

Our VR design services help bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals, immersive audio, and interactive features. This service is fully customizable.

A special white paper by Atulsia on VR for Hospitality

In this white paper, you will learn about how VR has great benefits for Hospitality industry.
  • VR as an amazing sales tool
  • Web VR for Hospitality
  • VR as guide to locations & events
  • VR as relaxation & meditation tool
  • VR as an Entertainment tool
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Checkout some of our projects in ARVRWeb VR

Please note that these are just demonstrations.
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3D scene of a warehouse

This project highlights Virtual reality 3D scene of a warehouse compatible with Oculus, HTC, Google VR.

  • Covers all design elements
  • Office setup, racks, workers & machines
  • Helpful to show real estate properties

3D Web VR of a Residential Flat

This projects shows 3D content placement inside Residential Flat or Corporate office within browser. Customer can move around the area.

  • Easy navigation using keyboard
  • Move and rotate the furniture
  • Apply color & texture to objects

VR Game on Oculus & HTC Vive

This is a full fledged game on Oculus rift & HTC vive. The player is crashed on an island & needs to survive. Enjoy experiences in VR.

  • Rock Climbing, Zip-line & more
  • Monster and Animal Killing.
  • Objectives & rewards

Automate 3D content creation

This project aims to automate 3D content creation. Entire process is fully automated and quick.

  • Use of photogrammetry
  • Ready to use objects in AR & VR
  • Customize as per customer needs

3D Commerce / Shopping in VR

It’s a supermarket where you can do shopping in virtual environment. The companies can perform market research study of their retail business.

  • Track Brand performance
  • Supports Planogram, Heat-map
  • Eye tracking & Analytics

Create 3D models of people

Apart from regular products, Atulsia team has successfully created full body 3D model of real person in minutes. The output is amazing.

  • Useful for AR & VR
  • 3D models in various formats
  • Popular for B2C products

VR project by Atulsia
for Reliance Industries Ltd

Atulsia team created a training module for Reliance Hazira Manufacturing Division in Surat. This VR module helps new workers with Industrial Training that includes how to handle machinery.
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I am amazed at how powerful our software has become and we have extended the project.
Johnathan MedinaCo-Founder at Smyline LLC, USA
I’m really encouraged by our working relationship with Atulsia. Many more things to come.
Frank PapayianisPresident at Atlantis Partners, NJ, USA
Atulsia has proven their value and demonstrated their commitment to help the client succeed.
KC ChhipwadiaFounder & CEO, Athlete Foundry, USA
Atulsia team has been working really hard & has provided great service.
Ashish MaruManager of AV Engineering Red-Thread

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